School Disinfection Services

Avoiding school closures and preventing outbreaks in our schools is something we take as our top priority, protecting the future of our youth plays a major part of our society. Classrooms are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, as a result students and staff could suffer. Inadequate cleaning and disinfecting in schools can contribute to an increase in illness or even outbreaks of infectious viruses, leading to higher absenteeism and other more threatening health concerns.

Prevent outbreaks by disinfecting daily

Germs can be bacteria, fungi, or viruses; each react differently. Viruses do not have a long half life and are not active on surfaces for long. They look for hosts (humans) in order to function properly. Bacteria, however can live and reproduce independently, surviving on surfaces for a much longer time. The purpose of thorough disinfectant cleaning is because it will kill germs in high touch areas.

Elementary School Cleaning

Elementary school cleanliness
Children wearing masks walking through hallways. Important

Lecture Hall Disinfection

Lecture hall disinfected
Electrostatic Disinfection responds to COVID19 outbreak at local College.

Electrostatic spraying and full wiping are the industry accepted steps when a confirmed case of COVID- 19 has been found. This is a deep cleaning and application of disinfectants to your facility. Our standard is to actively clean and apply disinfectants within buildings, both confirmed and unconfirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the pandemic.

Offering a practical, cost-saving approach to cleaning all types of classroom, office, and common areas.

Educational facilities may serve as settings for the spread of viruses and infections. This can occur through touching contaminated surfaces, objects, tables, and door handles. Daily disinfection is required on surfaces and objects that are touched often!

In addition, our solution Vital Oxide has been approved by Health Canada & EPA for the use against viruses, infections, SARS-CoV-2, and the Coronavirus. Showing efficiency against disinfecting enveloped and non-enveloped viruses both large and small.