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Electrostatic –The Organization Behind the Electrostatic Disinfection System Major Airlines are Deploying

It’s no secret Delta, United, and American airlines are using a new electrostatic disinfection program but, what most don’t know is that their secret weapon is Electrostatic Disinfection.


The new electrostatic disinfection process being used by the nation’s three largest airlines is all over the news, yet no one seems to know where it came from. In February, Delta Air Lines began deploying a new electrostatic program.  They were among the first to leverage electrostatic technologies with a line of electrostatic disinfection sprayers, which create positively charged droplets to magnetically wrap around all surfaces. Airplanes, buses, trains and other forms of public transit can be thoroughly disinfected in a matter of minutes. Systemized disinfection is the key to keeping coronavirus at bay and building world class disinfection systems is our area of expertise. Our team is 100% dedicated to infection prevention and to helping win the battle against COVID-19.

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