Fitness Facilities Disinfection Services

Most fitness facilities don’t have the staff required to clean each piece of equipment after every use. Instead, they rely on users to wipe down their machines when finished, by offering either spray cleaners or wipes. What type of cleaning product a facility offers matters less than how its used; both spray cleaners and wipes can only be effective if used correctly, and damaging to equipment and end-users if not. The key is to have a good understanding of each products capabilities.

The consequences of dirty equipment go well beyond aesthetics, of course. The spread of germs and viruses through contact with equipment is a serious health concern. Oil and dirt is left behind by users, also it can interfere with sensors that track heart rate and other stats, as well as causing deterioration of equipment padding. But these aren’t the consequences members see or are typically concerned about.

When disinfecting any fitness facility it is necessary for all surfaces, wrestling mats, athletic equipment, sports protective equipment, especially if shares among athletes. Disinfect at least once a day during high usage. Locker rooms and lockers are home to personal items in close proximity, which can carry stubborn pathogens. Our electrostatic sprayers are specifically designed to deliver the same pathogen-destroying efficacy to confined areas like lockers, showers, and closets.

Electrostatic disinfection plays a vital role in breaking this cycle. Studies have proven that proper disinfection techniques in schools can help reduce the spread of viruses. We offer professional services in cleaning and disinfecting properly around these sensitive building occupants. Research shows that the flu viruses can potentially live on surfaces and objects for 48 hours after being deposited. In addition, our solution Vital Oxide has been approved by Health Canada & EPA for the use against viruses, infections, SARS-CoV-2, and the Coronavirus. Showing efficiency against disinfecting enveloped and non-enveloped viruses both large and small.