Residents of long term care facilities, assisted living and retirement communities often have compromised immune systems or are dealing with health concerns. Infection prevention, control and overall cleanliness are critically important. These facts are on everyone’s mind these days with the outbreak of COVID-19, and the threat that germs from bacteria and viruses bring to those most vulnerable in our society.

Keeping our elderly safe from illness

There is no doubt that cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization at long term facilities, assisted living and retirement homes calls for specialized commercial services. This is essential not just because of the quality and effectiveness of the cleaning, but also, the sensitive nature of cleaning someone’s “home”. These are not just facilities. They are places chosen by loved ones for loved ones, where people live in community with others—staff, healthcare professionals, volunteers and visitors.

Professional Retirement Home disinfection services

The very nature of such homes that germs can easily threaten the community. Especially because so many people are in and out of the buildings each day. If someone does have an infection, germs are easily passed on if simple procedures such as proper handwashing, or keeping surfaces wiped clean aren’t followed. Outbreaks of infectious diseases, as we’ve seen, can spread quickly and with devastating results.

Training is another critical area (and an area where Electrostatic is a leader). One of the learnings from the COVID-19 experience is that the job of a front-line worker, i.e., cleaning staff, matter. Training and certifying cleaning professionals to use the right products and cleaning methods correctly is critical when selecting a cleaning company for a retirement home, long term care or assisted living facility.